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Einsteiner. By VK Fourstone
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Einsteiner. By VK Fourstone
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The task for real inventors is to make discoveries that change the world. They are the people who create our Future. What does an ordinary person, a loser of an engineer, have to do if the things in the world suddenly go wrong? Whether he - alone, broke and desperate - would be able to pull himself together and become the leader of the group which is trying to do the impossible – stop the evolution?

It is always easier to suppress the fears of your rebellious ego and go on as just a laborious cog in the system’s machine. Yes, it is indeed easier than to revolt against the world’s mightiest invention – Einsteiner, a technology which can unite the most brilliant ideas of human intellect in order to solve any kind of today’s issues.

Artificial Intelligence turns to be something different as opposed to common stereotypes. It is not a self-teaching intellectual program able to spin out of control but the controlled server which is filled with various ideas of different people and have a hundred per cent memory. Even if this option seems to be ideal at the first sight it may have the reverse />
The basis of the story is the existential problem of a personal choice: if the life of ease is worth giving away a part of one’s soul? Would it be the right decision to oppose the Einsteiner just because of this only negative attribute, taking into consideration that the system, vicious in its essence, has so far been providing the humanity with progress in seven-league steps and is going to in future?

High-voltage, absorbing, full of breathtaking adventures, the story teaches us never to give up. It tries the friendship for its genuineness, humans for how humane they are, showing us that we never should give up in achieving our goals. Neither should we stop loving.

The main character, Isaac, having found himself at the very bottom, suddenly decides to challenge his own life and change the future. Transforming into another kind of person, he starts to understand that he in fact is capable of many things, such as survive a full-scale crush, get into a life-threatening situation, be truly daring, bluff, find fellow-thinkers,  improvise long-distance trips to Europe and America and even commit a crime, if necessary. All he has is a few reckless friends. What opposes them are the most modern technologies, big money, public opinion and commonsense. Sometimes you can’t help wondering if you are a savior or a terrorist, since all you have are unconfirmed guesses.

Einsteiner, a breathtaking novel, the plot of which grasps you immediately and doesn’t let you go until the last page, puts an eternal question: what the world of tomorrow has to be like? Unpredictable, dangerous as it is or serenely peaceful? What world would you choose?

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