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Iron Five. By Seon O. Stronghold
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Iron Five. By Seon O. Stronghold
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The year is now 878TE and Mankind has colonized most of our galaxy. Multi-trillion Credit Corporations and Powerful Governments control what is called 'Known-Space' and Earthfront, the galactic might of our home world is the largest governing body in existence. Yet as peace reigns in the Milky Way, an unseen enemy grows bold and the bonds that once united us all are about to be tested.

Enter, Iron Five; a military unit Stationed on Keden; a wealthy world eight thousand light years from Earth. They are on a mission to destroy a pirate organization responsible for the deaths and theft of Earthfront Personnel and property. But as Captain Richard Gant and his crew track their enemies, they uncover a truth that sends them spinning into the depths of death and treachery. Friends become foes and unexpected alliances will be made as Keden, and Earth, stand on the brink of their apocalypse.