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Descent of The Watchers. By D S S Atkinson
Science fiction

Genre/Category: Science Fiction Books
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Descent of The Watchers. By D S S Atkinson
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Amidst a desperate power struggle between the ruling powers of Heaven, Samyaza and the watchers race to prevent their kin destroying Eden, and their only hope of survival for her species.

1256 years after seraphim Azazel attempts to contain the nephilim and save his humanoid experiments on Eden, commander Samyaza returns to discover Heaven has been away from the planet for over two thousand years.

Her team descends to the planet's surface to discover what horrors have occurred since leaving so long ago.

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Amidst the vacuum of space a titanic vessel rest suspended. Beyond its obsidian textured hull two figures enclosed upon an artefact, their bodies each enveloped in metallic suits. A deep static hum distorted the entities’ senses. Silently they drifted into the ark’s open chamber, its dim bronze interior fully illuminated by the burning star at the heart of the solar system.

I could not stop them. The scarcely distinguishable signal funnelled through Samyaza’s headset. Some desperate words echoed before falling to silence. “Be careful, commander.” Tamiel whispered in her tongue, drifting wearily into the satellite’s heart. Samyaza looked back, briefly, though her face was hidden by a reflective visor.

A quill of independent tendrils pluming from the spines of their suits explored the furthest corners of the cavernous structure’s interior. Again the static reverberated. Heaven, when do you return? The nephilim rebel against us, they are too strong. The resonance of the voice faded for some moments before returning. The nephilim are free, I could not stop them.

“Azazel?” Samyaza nodded slowly at her friend, remaining silent. The calm ambience of space returned before the message crackled again. Together the females drifted deeper into the ark’s bowels, coursing towards its midst and the source of the relaying message. At the satellite’s heart a spherical chamber opened out. The darkness within gave way to light as sensors registered the commander’s presence.

“Heaven, this is Samyaza, we are in the communication chamber.”

“Have you made contact?” A clear voice immediately sounded into her eardrums, Tamiel joined her commander in the sphere and together they looked over the small communication device. Upon it a blank panel lay dormant, at Samyaza’s touch some symbols lit up. “Yaza? Is there contact?” The females stared at the digits, frozen in confusion.