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Beautiful Beautiful
By S J Garrett

Genre/Category: Science Fiction Books
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Beautiful Beautiful By S J Garrett
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We are the Aliens! And more so than ever in 'Beautiful Beautiful' which is the companion novel - or the sister volume that follows Mark’s, Tia's and Midge's adventures following the cataclysmic ending of the novel 'Brothers By Numbers'.

'Beautiful Beautiful' begins with the tiny crew of three on the lam and aboard a stolen Colonist science ship called the Nina: which is currently the most advanced science ship of its kind. The Colonists want them dead for the destruction of the arms manufacturing ship the Olympia and additionally of course - for the theft of their advanced science ship the Nina. And their former employers: the Republic - they want Mark for treason.

So the new crew of the Nina sets out to go to where no one will come for them because no one bothers to venture there: the Great Abyss. There have been other abysses found in the galaxy and all of them have had their empty depths eventually breached by exploration as space travel evolved. But not Donald's Great Abyss, - not even after a hundred years of effort and most of that by its namesake has anyone found its end or anything larger than a dinner plate within its vast emptiness.

Mark has decided that what humanity needs now more than ever is a new hope which is - somewhere where people can live in peace. A new planet will do. A water planet - not too big, not too small, a nice young one hopefully and preferably temperate instead of something too steamy or icy. Only one such planet has been found in five hundred years that was suitable for habitation and that was Nouveau Paris - now in ruins. The Nina's new mission is to find such a paradise, and perhaps what resides beyond this great abyss might provide such a new world!

For a more satisfying reading experience it is recommended that the reader should first read 'Brothers By Numbers' before reading its sister book: 'Beautiful Beautiful'.

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