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Nudetopia - Belief Stripped Bare by D. Chau
Prey World 4 - Counterrevolution by Alexander Merow
When Minds Collide by Marjorie F. Baldwin
The Secret of Gliese 518g by Charles Coiro
The Demon Of Synar by Donna McDonald
Huntress: Besieged By Jaye Patrick
All's well that Ends by James C Nutter
Vrenna and the Red Stone and Other Tales by Michael E. Shea
Slave Empire: Prophecy by T C Southwell
The Cyber Chronicles by T C Southwell
Alien Cradle by Jeff Inlo
Grailem by Gary L Beer
Beautiful Beautiful. By S J Garrett
Brothers By Numbers by S J Garrett
Greegs & Ladders by Mitchell Mendlow
Mount Moriah by Lenny Everson
In Constant Contact by Tom Lichtenberg
Dragon Town by Tom Lichtenberg
Happy Slumbers by Tom Lichtenberg
Renegade Robot by Tom Lichtenberg
The New Guy In Moon Base Twelve by Tom Lichtenberg
Make IT Real! by Sander R.B.E. Beals
The Tdeshi Quest by Lee Willard
The Aluminum Quest by Lee Willard
Tangle in the Dark by Lee Willard
Considering: Science Fiction for Idealistic Minds by Deborah Loraine Kean
Beyond Uranus by Stewart Bruce
Long Time Lost by Raymond L Relf
Epic Fail by Tom & Johnny Lichtenberg
Doubt, Among Us Trilogy 1 - Anne-Rae Vasquez

From Alien Cradle by Jeff Inlo: 'Knowing, or at least hoping, that this would be one of his last long excursions in space, he considered his past missions. He thought of the time spent in a scout cockpit, the landings on desolate planets, and the long silent travel. He began to realize it wasn't the work that bothered him so much. Instead, his dislike for scouting arose out of the full process. He didn't mind soaring through space. In truth, he usually welcomed these quiet moments. The turbulence of entry offered discomfort, but landing on a barren planet extended ...