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The Face of Satan's Bog by Peter Stuart Fothergill
Vengeance of the Lump-Being by Peter Stuart Fothergill
The Kretins of Doctor Combobulay by Peter Stuart Fothergill
The Nomads and the Mind Machine by Peter Stuart Fothergill
Invasion of the Scab Demons by Peter Stuart Fothergill
Planet X91 the beginning -  Mark Stewart
Tokyo Zero by Marc Horne
The Golden Bell by Autumn Dawn
Krillaz By Morris Kenyon
Fissure Monroe by Tom Lichtenberg
Time Zone by Tom Lichtenberg
The Hidden Realm by Adrian Kyte
Meddlers Meddlers in Time by Wayne Watsonin Time
Meddlers in Time - Out of the Frying Pan into the fire - Wayne Watson
Meddlers in Time - The Cockatoo River Incident - Wayne Watson
Corvus by L. Lee Lowe
Shalilayo by Justin Mitchell
Gorinthians by Justin Mitchell
Haven by Justin Kemppainen
Dominion by J. L. Bryan
The Vanishing by Ruth Ann Nordin
The Watchers by Ruth Ann Nordin
The Leader by Ruth Ann Nordin
Frontera by Lewis Shiner
Antidote By Lee Willard
Krillaz By Morris Kenyon
Zenia By J. Gallagher
Assam & Darjeeling by T.M. Camp
Tethers by Sara Reinke
Other Sides: 12 Webfiction Tales by Various Authors

Frontera by Lewis Shiner is a popular download; here's a snippet: 'Not just gravity, he thought, but eight Gs, wrenching, crushing, suffocating him while the ship threw off 10,000 feet per second of velocity by diving into the thin atmosphere of Mars. The ship’s computer would sail them through a narrow, invisible corridor, balancing air drag against the strength of their reinforced carbon-carbon aeroshell, slowing them just enough to put them into a high, elliptical orbit around the planet and not send them crashing into the frozen Martian wastes ...