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Four Lines to Hades by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

Free ebook: short fiction
Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Four Lines to Hades by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.
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Ebook Synopsis

This is a book of short stories based on a few of Nostradamus' predictions and on some historical accounts. The characters and places are imaginary and are based on no real person or location. Nostradamus was born in 1503 A. D. in St. Remi in southern France. He died in 1566. Many people have revered him. To hundreds of French people, he was a marvelous, innovative physician, primarily educated in Montpelier, who saved them from the plague in the 16th century. To his wives and children he was a loving father. To others, he was a magician and astrologer. He was a member of the court of Catherine de M├ędicis, queen of France. The Nazis and the British both used his name for propaganda purposes during World War II. To most of us he's best known as the author of a book of his own prophecies called Centuries, which he first published in 1555. It's written entirely in four-line rhyming versus called quatrains, which describe events from his time through the year 3757 A. D., thus the title of this book, Four Lines to Hades.