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Sex With Dead People by David Allan Barker

Free ebook: short fiction
Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Sex With Dead People by David Allan Barker
Ebook Synopsis

Adult content: suitable only for mature readers.

In Sex With Dead People, David Allan Barker introduces us to a zombie psychiatrist, a vengeful tree, alien rednecks, a horny sasquatch, an aphasic priest in a whorehouse, and a block party for suburban cannibals. At the same time we confront the frustrations of suburbia in all its banality: pretentious neighbours, waste disposal disasters, lawn-care rivalries, dehumidifiers run amok, invasive bugs, perfumes that smell like urine pucks, and labyrinthine roads through communities where each house looks like every other. Then, of course, we have the title story, Sex With Dead People (which has nothing to do with necrophilia, in case you were wondering). Here, we discover one of the horrible truths of the 21st century: I forgot what it is. Oh yeah, people have short attention spans. No, that's not it. Maybe something to do with memory.

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