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Ethelbert's Sunday Morning - Marcus Freestone
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Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Ethelbert's Sunday Afternoon by Marcus Freestone
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Ebook Synopsis

These thirteen short stories range from comedy to drama and horror, and from the mundane and everyday to the downright bizarre.


As the taxi pulled up to the gallery, she gathered her thoughts and her dress. Damian was preoccupied with a mirror, as usual, arranging and rearranging his hair wax to give the impression that he'd just got out of bed and not done anything with it. Sandra shuddered at the facade she was about to inflict on the world and hoped she'd be able to go through with it long enough to get to the punchline.

Getting out of the cab, she forced herself to hold his hand and smile politely for the flock of paparazzi who descended on them like vultures at a will reading. She smiled and blinked, wondering idly which of the many photos of her they would use tomorrow.

Cautiously fingering the knife in her jacket pocket she smiled to herself. This was going be fun; naughty, illegal fun, possibly ending up in prison, but nothing more than the prick deserved. To commit this violent act in such a public manner was also engendering it with a surprising amount of added anticipation. Sandra had never thought of herself as a violent person, but then she'd never been so badly betrayed by such an annoying, pretentious dickhead as Damian.

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