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The boat will not move by Maina Ndugo

Free ebook: short fiction
Genre/Category: Short Stories
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The boat will not move by Maina Ndugo
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Ebook Synopsis

In 'The boat will not move,' George and his uncle make a deal with the spirits of the lake however things changed and he must break the deal to be free. Will the truth really set him free? Plus five more short stories.

Excerpt from 'The boat will not move:'

The boat belonged to Daudi, George’s uncle. It rained more than cats and dogs the previous night while George, Daudi, Frank and Oduol were fishing. Water filled the boat and as they rowed to shore, the boat began leaking causing them to loose control. Frank and Oduol fell from the boat because of the tides. Daudi had joined the search and rescue team since it was his boat and because they were his fishing partners. George remained alone at the lakeshore in the blazing afternoon sun as he waited for the cleansing ceremony.

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