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Disciplinary Committee by Maina Ndugo

Free ebook: short fiction
Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Disciplinary Committee by Maina Ndugo
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Ebook Synopsis

Paul and his gang have been successful in their missions once they discovered a powerful sedative. However things go south on their latest mission and they are forced into a battle with strangers, who will survive?


Tom and Mutua headed towards the blue recreational shack where most young men went for a game of pool. Some young men loved idling at the shack as they begged for a free game all day long. Often, Police would round them up but they would plead for their freedom with the little they had. It was a cycle between the predator and the prey and Mutua felt invincible because his uniform elevated his position in the food chain. There were two men playing and there were three others next to the small blackboard. Tom and Mutua entered and immediately demanded for their identification. The two at the pool table showed Tom their I.D cards and he let them continue with their game.

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