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Considering: Science Fiction for Idealistic Minds
by Deborah Loraine Kean

Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Considering: Science Fiction for Idealistic Minds by Deborah Loraine Kean
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Ebook Synopsis

Enter the exciting worlds of my science fiction and speculative fiction short stories.

Excerpt from Bad Penny:

The man sat down at his desk, satisfied for the first time in days. A fine whisky sat at his elbow, and before him, his secretary's old typewriter. Finding it had not been easy, because she was long gone – oddly, he couldn't remember why, now. Probably she had been accused of treason, as had most of the most of those purged, been. He wanted to use her typewriter because it somehow made his memoirs more Official. A beautiful white ream of paper sat at his right elbow and in front of it, were the notebooks from which he would work. They held the details of his most famous actions. Killing Al-Tariq. Score for me, he thought, starting to transcribe. Killing Adam Mills. Oh, that would cause a stir! But now, 30 years later, he wanted to finally take credit for that. At the time, he'd had to do it by proxy, in the form of a 'popular up-rising' against the man portrayed in the media as an evil dictator. Bill Jensen laced his fingers together over the keys, then took a sip of fine Glenfiddich. Mills and his sons had been the first to die. One doesn't want to leave the young whelps to come back and avenge the parent, does one? In a way, it was a pity, the grandchildren were so sweet, like innocent babies, especially the 3 year old... But what's done is done. Within 60 minutes, he had written 10 pages, and drunken almost all the whisky. Suddenly, he realised that he hadn't even tasted it! Then, the room went a little colder, and darker – he knew that if he looked outside he would see clear sky, stars, and a long way off, the fuzzy lights of the city. Yet, something wasn't right. He glanced at the large clock across the room, a big stately Presidential gift from a grateful nation.