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Brokenby Jonny Newell

Free ebook: short fiction
Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Broken by Jonny Newell: short fiction
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Ebook Synopsis

What is BROKEN? Is it death or is it the burning pain of love? What about a lost and lonely soul or a mind that just can’t see clearly? Would you feel broken if you knew the day a loved one is to die? Maybe it’s not you at all but a cruise ship sent from Hell?

This free ebook contains 6 dark stories from Jonny Newell about love, death, love and loneliness with some twisted humour, good old horror themes and a dose of rock 'n' roll all throw in!

Excerpt from 'Black Sun:'

In my youth I never believed that life was ever laid out for us but now I’m a true believer, what else can I say? It was like a repetitive dream that just refused to go away, until I accepted it. It was my destiny and my ‘Black Sun’. You see that’s my darkness, my light and my protector all rolled into one. Some people are destined for love, happiness and the whole f***ing dream while for me every time it looked prosperous in this area my fate would pay me a nice little visit with darkness tightly tucked under its arm to take everything away. But unlike all of you, I had my Black Sun to follow close by and help me through with its shining guidance.

I was just your average single child growing up, not great at anything, not bad at anything really, just your average blue-eyed boy. I was always a bit of a loner though and wasn’t really the athletic type but more the arty type so drawing and making model planes in the security of my bedroom was more my cup of tea.

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