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Do For Love by Maina Ndugo

Free ebook: short fiction
Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Do For Love by Maina Ndugo
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Ebook Synopsis

Do For Love takes you to six different worlds and in each encounter love is the treasure everyone is seeking an, for some, it was meant to be for others they will do what it takes to make it be! If there is love at first sight, the opposite must be true.

Excerpt from 'A Long Weekend:'

Kuria’s heartbeat instantly changed from its slow regular rhythm to a faster tempo. He was already high from a few hits but he smoked the joint and buried the remainder in his ashtray before embarking on a speedy cleanup of his tiny apartment. Kuria instantly answered the door when he heard a slight knock but quickly retreated with disappointment since it was just a neighbor returning a borrowed pair of scissors. His date arrived ten minutes later and he welcomed her with a kiss, a slim joint and vanilla yoghurt. A loud knock interrupted their sensual conversation but Kuria did not bother to answer the door but instead moved closer to Jenny and kissed her softly on her neck as her perfume filled his nose and gently caressed her as she gently stroked his head while biting her lower lip in anticipation. Kuria’s phone vibrated endlessly on the coffee table until the persistent caller finally gave up.

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