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Screw your dreams by Maina Ndugo

Free ebook: short fiction
Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Screw your dreams by Maina Ndugo
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Ebook Synopsis

Dreams are like rainbows, a huge pot of gold awaits the one who will follow the rainbow all the way to the end. For some, it is an open and rosy highway with no stress. However most will encounter Goliaths on a bumpy and bloody path towards their dreams. Will they hold on or let go and die?...find out more in Screw Your Dreams.

Excerpt from 'Don't wake me up:'

Nick got out of the blue D-Max double cabin after he paid for the products and headed straight to the bus stop. It appeared to Nick as if the bus driver was in no hurry because of his slow driving and spending way too much time at each stop. Finally, he alighted at his stop and walked to his apartment in almost half the time he normally took to walk home. Once he arrived, he went into each room to confirm his girlfriend was not around then returned to the living room with a glass of water. Nick placed the weird looking purple LSD pills on the table along with several blunts.

“No retreat no surrender,” said Nick and immediately swallowed a pill then lay back on the couch waiting for the drug to kick in and send him to the dream world to retrieve the My Hunger manuscript. Gradually the room became brighter and brighter, the fading red carpet instantly transformed back to the bright red it had when it was new and the walls had a strong orange glow. Nick’s ears clearly captured the lyrics to the music video as well as clearly identifying each instrument as the song played. Nick couldn’t understand why he felt as if he was levitating yet his feet were still on the carpet, things could not get any weirder! Nick increased the volume on the TV during the airing of an investigative piece on the crime in Nairobi city. His eyes remained glued to the screen as the investigative journalist together with a group of armed officers engaged a group of thugs in a running battle while civilians dispersed in several directions screaming every time there was a gunshot. The police almost caught up with the armed suspects near a famous alley in the downtown area but the thugs gunned down an officer then vanished in a getaway car. Nick instantly jumped from the couch when he heard the gunshot. He switched back to the music videos then lit a blunt as he leaned back.

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