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ePulp Sampler by John Picha and others
Free ebook: pulp short fiction anthology

Genre/Category: Short Stories
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ePulp Sampler by John Picha and others
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Ebook Synopsis

The original Pulp stories of the 1920s - 1940s were a lot more spicy and violent than people would expect. Some were even banned or placed behind the counter due to their content, still they hid behind the innuendo of cryptic noir-speak to soften their content for a more ostentatiously genteel audience. Our ePulps re-imagine the world of the pulps in modern language, for a modern audience. You'll find no “heaters squirting lead through some joe's mug” in our ePulps, but they but maintain a distinctly retro feel. They are unflinching in their depictions of violence and graft, and seek to show the “good old days” as they really were. By unmasking the true visage of a romanticized era, we hope to reveal a doppelganger of our own time.

Our ePulps are independently produced and published stories, they are the raw creations of their authors, beholden only to you, the audience. They are the attempt of a few writers and authors to hold the human condition to the light to dispel the darkness of corruption that haunts us through the ages. EPulps are a product of their times and of their creator's sensibilities just like the original pulps were. They are produced and distributed electronically not only from a practical zeitgeist, but also from an environmental concern. Pulps killed trees, ePulps just kill bad guys.

The Pulp Magazines of the 1930s and 1940s became outlets for the frustrations of a culture beaten down by the greed and ineptitude of the elites. Sound familiar? Our ePulps carry on the real pulp family legacy, with an eye to reveal the stark realities of evil and corruption without the restrictions of corporate censorship. Want to see the truth? Join us on our duty-bound quest as storytellers to show the hidden nature of power's true intent, and marvel at the courage and inner conflict of the heroes duty-bound to fight it.

This action packed ePulp anthology unleashes 5 new tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1920s - 1940s. They are not for the faint of heart. Things will get intense and stuff on these pages can't be unread. But whether you're a nostalgian, dieselpunk, pulp fan, sci-fi and fantasy aficionado, or ebook spelunker, there's something in this collection for you to explore. However, I suggest you sample them all.

Our journey begins…

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