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The Stolen Coin and Other Short Stories
by Zahid Ahmed

Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Ebook Synopsis

The Stolen Coin and Other Short Stories is a simple book, containing 9 short, riveting stories. Most of the stories revolve around the narrator's life in some point of time, confessing about his kleptomaniac nature. In most of the stories the protagonist is either a teenager or small boy.

Excerpt from The Stolen Coin:

India, my beloved country had gotten independence on 15th August 1947. Wow! Was I so close to those years when nothing great had been established in the country? Neither the constitution nor infrastructure! There, flowed rivers of blood on the railway tracks as India had to face the perils of partition.

During school days, I was a prized student of history and geography. Hence, instinctive veneration towards historical monuments and items was deeply trodden in my kleptomaniac nature.

It was one cold noon in January. I was seated lacklustre at my desk, facing a heavy dirty computer monitor, and no major work was available for my area of interest. The company ran by a black-money making builder; his son was the owner of it.

She came in, trying to walk straight amid the pointed out edges of the furniture. Our workplace was neither bright nor very dull; the ambience there was of like a middle class studio flat. From the ceiling hung three quiet fans in a row. She had kept them off since the morning. She smiled broadly at me and took her seat comfortably; I glanced at her disdainfully as I never liked her smile. She had an ugly smile.

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