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Tales with a Twist By P L Jones
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Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Tales with a Twist By P L Jones
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Ebook Synopsis

Twelve short stories - over 100 pages - 63,000 words covering a variety of fiction genres including mystery, action, crime, adventure, light romance and humorous, each with a twist at the end.

This volume is sub-titled 'Read on the bus yarns' and is ideal for filling in the time while commuting. Safe subjects for adults or teens.

Excerpt from LEAP OF FAITH:

Fiona Randall sat outside on the seats around the railings at the rear - her favourite place on the old double-ended ferry that was daily pressed into service to help serve on this run during peak hours.  There were fewer people out here and, except in the most inclement weather, she enjoyed the space, the peace and the sound of the engines and the pounded away below causing a mild (somewhat soothing) vibration that almost lulled one to sleep during the twenty-five minute journey across the harbour.

It was five-fifteen on Friday afternoon.   The summer sun was still high enough to keep the air warm on this cloudless and calm day, which to Fiona boded well, for this was the start of a two week vacation to that she had been looking forward to for some time.

Thirty–three, living alone and, as she told her few friends, loving the peace and solitude after the pressures of work and daily life in the city, Fiona socialised only occasionally, had few friends outside of the office and seemed content with her routine existence without too much variety or undue excitement.

As she sat listening to the familiar sounds as the last passengers hurried on board, the gangway was raised and the Mate signalled that he was ready to cast off.  There was a whistle as the stern rope was freed, the engine noise rose a level and the ferry started to move slowly forward.  Another whistle from the Mate as he cleared the bow rope and a further increase in vibration as the propellers bit in and speed increased.

She saw him out of the corner of her eye and turned to watch as he sprinted down the wharf towards the departing ferry.  I happened all the time – someone running a little late tried to leap on at the last possible moment before the ferry cleared the pier.  Sometimes they made it, grabbing one of the poles that held up the canopy over the stern and swinging aboard.   Most times they measured the speed and distance and gave up – electing to catch the next sailing in half an hour.   On rare occasions they jumped, missed and fell into the water, momentarily causing consternation on the wharf, embarrassment to the would-be passenger and some merriment to the few on the ferry that were actually in a position to see it happen.

He seemed to hesitate for a split second as the pointed rear of the ferry swung back against the wharf when the bow rope was freed.  Apparently deciding he had time to get on, he flung the briefcase he was carrying onto the deck and made as if to leap out and grab the sternpost.  At the last moment he must have decided that the risk was too great and leapt backwards instead.

Fiona moved and picked up the briefcase, holding it up for him to see.  He made movements with his hands to indicate to open it and yelled something that sounded like ‘look in the lid.’  The noise of the boat gathering speed swept most of it away.   He turned as if to go and sit down to wait for the next sailing.  Fiona carried the briefcase back to where she was sitting and contemplated what she should do.