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To Hear The Angels Sing. By Kittybriton
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Genre/Category: Short Stories
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To Hear The Angels Sing. By Kittybriton
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Ebook Synopsis

From the war-torn countryside of First-World War France to the snowy winter of tenth-century Bohemia, in the cozy comfort of Queen Victoria's Windsor Castle withdrawing-room and even at sea, the customs and songs of Christmas have played an integral role in European and colonial history.

This book, in the same large format as "The Armed Man" by the same author presents a selection of imaginative stories, drawn wherever possible from historical fact as the introduction to Christmas songs, some familiar, some less so.

Print edition (paperback:)

“What? I thought this was a book of short stories!” It is.

“So what is this music doing in an anthology of stories?”

Well, you won’t miss much if you can’t read the music. But if you can, you will be able to add another dimension to the stories, and I hope you will enjoy playing the music.

In an age of on-demand media, it seems that fewer and fewer people still want to make their own music. When was the last time you heard a contractor, or a delivery man whistling a cheerful tune as he worked? My hope is that perhaps one or two of the people who read these stories will be prompted to learn to read music for themselves. But to teach you to read music is not the point of this book. There are much better “methods” by people much more thoroughly versed in music theory than myself. Just remember, you play your instrument (even if your instru- ment is your own voice), don’t make the mistake of trying to “work” it.

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