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Hotblur 1 By C.A. Arroyo
Stories Varied. By BSMurthy
Stories I told. By  Tolu L'queen Oluwaseyi-Daniel
Squirrels & Puppies: Dark Morality Tales. By Russell A. Mebane
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A snippet from The Cold Shoulder taken from from Nicholas Antinozzi's Opting Out : 'Al could see the flashing red light up ahead, miles away, signaling the intersection at Highway 42. The blood-red light looked out of place in the passing countryside, where everything was black and white at this time of night. The snow-covered farms had been put to bed hours ago and he hadn’t passed a car since he’d left Sparks. The last Al had heard, the temperature was -18 degrees and a nasty wind had kicked up, which made it feel much colder than that. The flashing light ...