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Savage Glen and other stories by Ron Sanders
The Voice of Willie Morgan by Tom Winton
Murder, Magic and The Macabre by Susan Brassfield Cogan
This Is Not the End by Shelby Davis
Cathouse Run and Other Stories by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.
MindGames by Sam Vaknin
The Suffering of Being Kafka by Sam Vaknin
Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss by Mary Warner
JUNK and other Short Stories by Duncan James
Lily Marin - three short steampunk stories by Paul Kater
Free E-book: Porcelain
Best Laid Plans & Other Short Stories by Wendy Webb
The End, My Friend by Gary J Byrnes
Opting Out by Nicholas Antinozzi
The Chronicles of a Lost Soul by Michael LaRocca
Collected Stories by Charles Deemer
Microstories by Daniel Brako
The Story Teller by Max M. Power
Cashier World by Tom Lichtenberg
Smaller Than Most by Kristine Ong Muslim
Dreamers of Dreams: An anthology of webfiction Volume I
King Marcine by Brennan Chadwick Emerson
Pumpkin Jack Skull and Other Tales of Terror by Jacob M. Drake
Flying Muses: A Book of Parodies by Mark Higham
The Mystic and Other Stories by Mark Higham
Lost Tales of Mercia by Jayden Woods
The Halloween Collection by Indie Eclective
The Holiday Collection by The Indie Eclective

A snippet from The Cold Shoulder taken from from Nicholas Antinozzi's Opting Out : 'Al could see the flashing red light up ahead, miles away, signaling the intersection at Highway 42. The blood-red light looked out of place in the passing countryside, where everything was black and white at this time of night. The snow-covered farms had been put to bed hours ago and he hadn’t passed a car since he’d left Sparks. The last Al had heard, the temperature was -18 degrees and a nasty wind had kicked up, which made it feel much colder than that. The flashing light ...