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Make the Streets Run Vampire Red by Alex Severin
The Seventh Sense by Nick Warren
Winter Dreams by David L. Ruggeri
Tales From The Cottage by Peter Barns
Short Fuses by Stephen Leather
Short 'n' Curly by Julie Patterson
Zombies Don't Read by Rusty Fischer
The Ball Washer by Lance Manion
Castles In The Sky: Fantasy Short Story Collection by C. A. Zraik
The Armed Man by Kittybriton
Sex With Dead People by David Allan Barker
Tales of Horror and the Supernatural by Graeme Winton
Ghosts: Disappearing Histories - Manchester Writers
Vrenna and the Red Stone and Other Tales by Michael E. Shea
The God Factor For Success And Contentment - Nitin Srivastava
Tales of Murder, Mystery & Suspense Vol 1 by Will Lankstead
A Miscellany of Mischief by Paul Hawkins
Take your Curses by Maina Ndugo
Tommy's War by James C Nutter
Ethelbert's Sunday Afternoon by Marcus Freestone
Tales from the Bear and Lion by S.M. White
The boat will not move by Maina Ndugo
The Mortal Hole by Tom Lichtenberg
Disciplinary Committee by Maina Ndugo
11th Hour by Maina Ndugo
The Pornographer's Party & Other Stories
Cats' Tales by Rod Pitcher
Considering: Science Fiction for Idealistic Minds by Deborah Loraine Kean
Broken by Jonny Newell

An excerpt from Harry Billinsky, a story from Jeff Tikari's Compendium of Short Stories: 'Wooden benches fixed permanently along the edge of the esplanade provided seats to take in the breathtaking scenery; Harry’s store enticed and beckoned from across the boulevard with twinkling lights and the promise of a cozy atmosphere. When I entered Harry’s shop one late afternoon, a little tinkle from a bell, nudged by the opening door, alerted him to a customer coming in. A lingering smell of pipe tobacco and coffee, a warm atmosphere, and little lights ...