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A beginner’s guide: Understanding C, C + + & Java for dummies By Manjunath. R

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A beginner’s guide: understanding C, C + + & Java for dummies - Manjunath.R
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This Book is designed for all C, C++ & Java beginners and is also for those who want to interact with the hardware in a more powerful way.

The book expects no formal education in programming and it is written in an easy, riveting and readable style ideally suited for self-study. Of course those who are already familiar with programming are likely to derive more benefits from this book..

It does assume, however, a reader is able to create at least a simple program. This book introduces you to the fundamental concepts of computer programming using C, C++ & Java languages. If you are just learning C, C++ & Java programs, this book will make an excellent companion to any C, C++ & Java tutorial and serve as a source of knowledge to your specific questions. And, by reading this book, you’ll have a broad, basic knowledge of C, C++ & Java languages. This book is for all programmers, whether you are a novice or an experienced pro. The beginner will find its carefully paced discussions and many examples especially helpful