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Zero Revolution by Ryan Gerard

Free ebook: mathematics
Category: Technical and Scientific
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Zero Revolution by Ryan Gerard
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Ebook Synopsis

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This free ebook explores forbidden math operations, zero, infinity, and proposes new ways to view current mathematics. It relates mathematics to nature.

Imagine you are a racecar driver. You must tune your engine for the big race. Unfortunately, you only have a little air in your tires. You may be able to start the race, and even make a few laps. But … eventually, time will take its toll and it will become impossible to win the race. Currently, math can describe many interesting characteristics of our world, but when it comes to certain operations it simply crashes and burns.

What is the state of math today? Incomplete.

The purpose of this ebook is to take you, the reader, on a journey. You will see that math is not just numbers.

Math is everything.

But, how can that be true, how can math be everything? It’s not like there a math program running the universe? What am I saying? Math can be found in nature over and over, at all levels. The same fundamental mathematical constants appear all over the world around us. From the behavior of an atom, to the structure of a nautilus shell, to the hurricane over Iceland (shown in book), all the way to the formation of a galaxy, we can’t hide from the same sightings.

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