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There are many free textbooks here on obooko, so let’s go through the main topics you find with science books and engineering books in ebook download format:

Astronomy and astrophysics is concerned with space and the planets. Learn about possibilities of life on Mars or the details of the galaxies and what stars are made of. Stephen Hawking is a well known author in this sub genre with ground-breaking books on black holes and space

Building and construction is a broad topic in itself and covers all areas such as buildings, carpentry, electrical, masonry, plumbing, heating and cooling, health & safety. Also the more managerial side of things like estimating

Chemistry will cover topics such as analytics of compounds and elements, clinical chemistry, food sciences, organic chemistry and theoretical chemistry. You can also find books on how to use complex technical equipment such as spectroscopy and spectrum analysis.

A growing area where technical expertise is required is in communication. Telecommunications and telephone systems are the backbone of the networks we rely on. Television and video is a fast moving high tech area with texts in this category.

Earth science books and ebooks cover classic geography geology but this genre also includes many other sub categories and specific niches. For example, hydrology sciences, oceanography, meteorology, palaeontology and geophysics.

Electronics is another scientific category with a lot of very specific niches. Clearly another important topic in day to day to life. You can pick up free textbooks on integrated circuits, logic, fibre optics, semiconductors, superconductors and many more.

Engineering books cover a wide range of topics and there are too many to list all of them out. Some key areas are the classics of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing, automotive and environmental. You will also find specifics in areas like Japanese techniques, nuclear, nanotechnology and a whole host of other options whatever your interest or career.

Mathematics is quite literally everywhere and important in all sciences. Mathematics books will cover a wide range of specifics, too many to mention here. But look for applied mathematics, algebra, probability, statistics, logic, trigonometry and geometry. You might also be interested in the history of mathematics and how it has developed over time and how we discovered new things.

Electronics is another science category with a lot of very specific niches. Clearly another important topic in day to day to life. You can pick up books on integrated circuits, logic, fibre optics, semiconductors, superconductors and many more.

Physics is also well represented in the science books section and will cover interesting topics like gravity, magnetism, mechanics, microwaves, aerodynamics, radiation and relativity. There are many more physics books on many more topics.

Finally, there are e-books on general science history and the people that have been at the forefront of science making new discoveries and applying their findings to real world problems.

Science Books, Textbooks, Engineering books

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
Engineers Guide To Calibration Management by Pat Fogwill
Measuring Up by Pat Fogwill
Infinity Plus One by Sander R.B.E. Beals
SharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials - Destin Joy and Mahesh Chand
Sludge Management
Calculus-Based Physics 1 by Jeffrey W. Schnick
Calculus-Based Physics 2 by Jeffrey W. Schnick
Journal of Organic Systems Vol.7 No.2 - Various Authors
System Engineering & Design Architecture by Sander R.B.E. Beals
Modeling and Optimization of Energy Generation and Storage Systems for Thermal Conditioning
Zero Revolution by Ryan Gerard
Science in Uncertainty
A Brief History of Everything: Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang. Manjunath. R
Science: The Failed Hypothesis - Manjunath. R
The Groundlessness of Infinity - Emmanuel Xagorarakis
Humanity’s  expanding view  of the universe: Why Science is Not About Certainty? - Manjunath R
A beginner’s guide: understanding C, C + + & Java for dummies - Manjunath.R
Beyond Einstein and Newton - Manjunath.R
.P. Protocol and Network Applications - Mayur Patel - Jitendra Shishangiya
Science in Crisis. By Manjunath.R
Science in Crisis. By Manjunath.R
The Failed Hypothesis. By Manjunath.R
Inventing. A simple guide for beginners. By Glen K. Dash
Getting The Picture. By Rod Pitcher

If you have any interest in science you can find something that will satisfy your curiosity for knowledge on the obooko site. Download free ebooks and start increasing your technical and scientific knowledge today. Here's A snippet from Measuring Up by Pat Fogwill: 'The language used in this book does not mean that you have to be a scientist or engineer to understand the methodology; it is a simple guide that takes you through the different steps enabling you work and produce a quality service or quality product. Many of the steps you may have completed to some degree even just in the mind, but the contents show you what is required and the documenting of your procedures. In the end you can have a measurement system that is structurally sound ...