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Army of Heroes by Jerry J. C. Veit

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Army of Heroes by Jerry J. C. Veit
Ebook Synopsis
Follow the paths that the heroes need to travel to save the world...and each other. Part One: The epic war between good and evil has arrived. An elite army of soldiers are sent to our world to fight the growing evil forces and to protect the human race. While they are on Earth they meet a young man named Joseph who swears to protect his new best friend, Sonya at any cost. During a confrontation he loses his honor, and he decides to fight alongside these soldiers to try and win it back. Joseph realizes his greatest strength is his greatest weakness... anger. The thin line that separates him from insanity and peace is about to be crossed. Part Two: It has been three months since the great war and the world is rebuilding itself again. The army of heroes continue to protect the world from evil while becoming stronger themselves. Several battles with old enemies threaten the lives of those that fight in them. The heroes learn that the desire to protect sometimes comes with sacrifices.