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Robert's Ride by Wilson James

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
Standard Copyright
Ebook Format:PDF
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Robert's Ride by Wilson James
Ebook Synopsis

First of a series of short stories dealing with the first years of Robert Sinclair. Born in a small town in south-west Georgia, orphaned at five and finally adopted at seven. Those were the bare bones words to describe his first years. Finally one of the lucky ones to be picked out at his foster home, he is struggling to make sure his new adoptive mother likes him and wants to keep him, in spite of the fact that she really has no idea what to do with a child. She is well meaning, but rather emotionless. Robert desperately tries to figure out to to read her and please her. Some of his adventures are dramatic, but some of his experiences are simply the more normal adventures of dealing with a new home, a new school, and new friends. This first story, “ROBERT'S RIDE,” will be followed by others in the series.