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The Final Dragonkeeper: Quest for the Relic
by José J. Amador

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
Standard Copyright
Ebook Format:PDF
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The Final Dragonkeeper: Quest for the Relic by José J. Amador
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Ebook Synopsis

This is the story of Drake and Madison Wallace, a brother and sister finding themselves in a magical and fantastic situation, and with a destiny to fulfill. Early on Drake and Madison learn there is another world, related to ours, where the reign of Dragonkeepers is coming to an end and where the signs foretelling the arrival of the Final Dragonkeeper are coming true. Quickly they discover he is the Final Dragonkeeper and she’s his Protector, and together, they are the only ones that can save this other world, the Realm of Faerie, from a former, traitorous Dragonkeeper known as the Evil One. Drake and Madison then, with aid of a grand advisor, enlist help from a cast of extraordinary creatures and peoples, and of course dragons. The dragons come from seven different clans, each with their own personality and quirk, and although these dragons are well-mannered and behaved, without a Dragonkeeper they would quickly become ferocious and violent ...