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Bramwell Valley by John Harold McCoy

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
Creative Commons
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Bramwell Valley by John Harold McCoy
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Ebook Synopsis

Deep in the rugged mountains of southern West Virginia, nestled in the cradle of an idyllic little valley, the tiny town of Bramwell, and its colorful cast of lovable characters, hold an ancient secret. Here, in this most unlikely of places, the women of Bramwell Valley cook, clean, shop, gossip, dream, fall in love – and guard the gates of Hell.

The tranquility of daily life in the valley is disrupted when Lucifer finds a way out of the depths. He simply quits his job as the devil, packs his bags, and heads for Florida. Pandemonium erupts in the valley when, without the devil to keep things in check, various demons find their way out of Hell and wander into Bramwell.

A rather likeable Lucifer, decidedly un-evil demons, sorcery gone awry, romance and hilarity are the theme of this heart-warming very tall tale.