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Hilda the Wicked Witch by Paul Kater

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Hilda the Wicked Witch by Paul Kater
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Ebook Synopsis

Some content may be unsuitable for readers under 15 years of age.

Book one in the Hilda the Witch series.

A fairy-land witch gets transported to our world and struggles to go home.

Excerpt: The noise echoed away through the street. From behind curtains people carefully looked out into said street, most of them staying out of view. The motorcycle gang was back in town, and usually that did not bode well."Dammit, Skull, when are you going to fix that stinking carburettor!", one of the men yelled as he got off his Harley. The woman that usually was behind him had already jumped off to get herself to safety. Bubba was angry, and when he was like that he did not pay attention to anything. Several kicks in her side had taught her that."Yo, Bubba, I thought I had done so!" Skull kicked the innocent and abused engine block. "I'll look at it later, I need a piss and a drink first.""Yeah!", the rest of the gang joined in. They trotted off towards the nearest bar, which was by default also destined for an involuntary remodelling.

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