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Hilda - The Challenge by Paul Kater

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Ebook Synopsis

Some content may be unsuitable for readers under 15 years of age.

Book three in the Hilda the Witch series.

Hilda the Witch worries about a challenge, set forth to her by a powerful sorcerer. Help comes from a very unexpected side...

Excerpt: A man sat with his back against one of the trees. Sunlight was falling on the item in his hands. He was reading a large book, bound in leather. It was not merely large, it was also old. Originally there had been large letters on the leather, in gold foil, applied by hand as far as the man knew. Now there were only faint traces of the gold remaining, and only the difference in colour on the leather showed the words, as the influence of daylight had changed the leather's appearance where the gold foil had not protected it. For the man that held it, it was a book full of power, as it talked about magic. That was one of the reasons why he treasured the book. It had cost him a lot to acquire it, and the magic in it had helped him come through many a difficult day and night.

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