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Hilda - Cats by Paul Kater

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Hilda - Cats by Paul Kater
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Ebook Synopsis

Some content may be unsuitable for readers under 15 years of age.

Book five in the Hilda the Witch series.

Hilda is called to the rescue by Snow White, as strange things are happening around the castle where the princess lives. Will Hilda and friends get to the bottom of it?

Excerpt: Hilda stared at the two cats who had found their home in the home on the highest bookshelf. "Seems so. And you're right. You are here to be a house, not to complain." Then she turned to William, who had arranged for a few cups of tea and a plate of cookies. "What do we do with these beasts?"As William came close to the table, both cats jumped to the ground and calmly trotted over to him. It looked as if they owned the place. It made him grin. He put the tea and the cookies on the table. "I think it is neat to have a few cats around. As long as they don't make a mess I'd say we keep them around.""I'm still not convinced," said Hilda. She reached down and picked up the cat nearest to her. She put it in her lap and started stroking the soft fur.

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