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Hilda - Lycadea by Paul Kater

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Hilda - Lycadea by Paul Kater
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Ebook Synopsis

Some content may be unsuitable for readers under 15 years of age.

Book six in the Hilda the Witch series.

Hilda goes on quite a remarkable sailing trip and ends up in place no one knew exists.

Excerpt: They hovered near one of the four masts, each one set with full red sails. As they ignored the shouts of the men below, they inspected the oval symbol that was on each sail, painted in white. William asked Hilda if she knew what that oval would mean, but she shrugged. She had never seen it before like that. From their high position they looked at the surprising stern of the ship. It was not only look far too high but it was also larger than one would expect. It was at least sixty feet long, covering over one third of the deck.The men on the ship ran to the other side as not to lose sight of the two brooms and their occupants as the magicals swerved around the ship.

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