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Return to Xenitha by Y. S. Emery

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Back to Xenitha by Y. S. Emery
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Ebook Synopsis

Jack Adams, his granddaughter, Abigail, and Abigail's friend Ethan find themselves back in Xenitha where they are reunited with their old friends. Their teenage pals have grown into young adults, although Abigail and Ethan have remained adolescents due to the time continuum.

The three left Xenitha seven years ago after saving this world from Morgana, the evil sorceress but now they are back battling evil forces to protect Xenitha once again from devastation.

Nyklus, the new oracle, has been given the position as, the goddess Ophelia's faithful and trusted adviser, and appeared to be a benevolent confidant.

After receiving word that Nyklus may have diabolical plans for their beloved Xenitha, the three are called upon to embark on another adventure to ensure Xenitha's safety.

Returning to the fantasical place Abigail and Ethan find that they must fight foes way beyond their years, and perhaps beyond their power. Jack, Abigail and Ethan along with their friends discover the secret Nyklus has and where his loyalties lie. It is up to them to try and save Xenitha from what seems to be inevitable annihilation..

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