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Humanoid Central by Tom Lichtenberg
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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Humanoid Central by Tom Lichtenberg
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Way in the future, people and androids need to discover a wat to exist with each another, yet they're failing to, hopelessly. Bogged down by war and natural disasters, another generation needs to meet the challenge. A select group of Future Leaders is sent to a special institute, a kind of Blade Runner High School. Its up to these teens and young adults to figure out how to conquer their differences, to see past the extraordinary divide of their time, and introduce another period of peace and humanoid cooperation. Will they be able get along? In this absurdist tale, they're going to require all the luck they can come by.


Helena Vega had always, always wanted a daughter, and the early stages had been wonderful, but at the current stage, fifteen years old, Bysshe had developed so many strange preoccupations that her mother couldn't help but wonder which of her own many mistakes were at fault. She was almost beginning to wish the family had never been selected for the Leadership Council, which meant Bysshe was enrolled in Humanoid Central, the new experimental high school where humans and android were supposed to be learning how to co-exist in mutual respect. It was said to be a great honor to be chosen as one of the Future Leaders of Today. Only a handful of families were singled out for that role and Helena stillremembered how happy she and Juan Carlos Enrique had been the day they found out. A lot can change in a year.

Was it only a year since her daughter was struggling to escape from her stroller while Helena pushed it around downtown Hoyo, Alaska? It seemed like only last month that Bysshe was a little six year old girl, running around the playground with Robin and Lou, the twins who lived next door, pitching pennies and making dolls out of knee socks. It seemed like only last week that she was roaming the town with her new best friend, Aidan Alexa, collecting bottle caps and memorizing bus maps. Helena had snapshots of these visions in her mind, memories of a girl who was and was not the same as the one who lately came storming home, slamming doors and locking herself in her room.