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Home, Let Me Come Home
by Mara Youngren-Brown

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Home, Let Me Come Home by Mara Youngren-Brown
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The Lithensen Twins have just suffered a terrible loss. Their parents. Their life is thrown out of control, and one tragic accident causes them to experience the question of life after death. They have the chance to live again, and they take it. Little did they know that now they have disrupted the Earth's balance. Can they save the world from being ripped apart by veil of the dead?


She ran through a dark, empty space, holding the hand of a young boy. She couldn’t see his face, only his shadow. She called out, but she could only hear her own ragged breathing, and the soft footfall of the shadow boy trailing behind her. She spotted a bright light ahead of her, like a twinkling star in the dark night sky, and hastened towards it. The light grew bigger as she neared it. She ran faster with the trailing boy following quickly behind. She ran through the light and expected the end of the darkness. Instead, she found blazing fire in front of her. Smoke rose in layers that consumed the oxygen around her. The fire rose and was so bright that it scorched her eyes. She screamed and wrapped her arms around the boy as the fire crept up on her body, and licked her skin.

Paisley woke up sweating. She sucked in deep breaths, slowed her racing pulse, and pulled the covers over her head. There’s no fire, she thought to herself. Time to get up. Paisley stumbled out of her bed and tripped into the hallway. She hated mornings. Paisley made some tea, and poured a bowl of cereal. Her twin brother, Seth, was probably sleeping in. Paisley slowly walked down the hallway and knocked on her brother’s door.