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Radcliffe Wood Academy: Wolf Tales
by Sandy Taylor Fowke

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Radcliffe Wood Academy: Wolf Tales by Sandy Taylor Fowke
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Red Riding Hood just got real.

Shipped off to live with her aunt in Radcliffe Wood, Ruby is glad to be far away from her overbearing stepfather.

But something is very wrong in this small town. Her new friends are quick to warn her about the local monster legend and she might have already made an enemy of the resident mean-girl. Add on two hot boys - This will definitely be a year to remember.


I was in trouble. I knew it the second I walked through the door.

It hadn’t even been my fault. Not that anyone cared about that little fact. This senior, Marc, who was always flirting with me and not understanding any of my not-interested signals, grabbed my butt at lunch and then of course Greg, the boy I actually liked and I think liked me, shoved him and told him to back off. Insert some chest-beating and add on exactly three exchanged punches and you have a fight – over me.

Mrs Robson and the principle, Mr Clark, had called it incitement to violence and of course they called my parents; it had been wishful thinking that maybe they hadn’t, or just maybe Mr Clark had believed me. Yeah right.

Our house was a blocky two-story factory special, which means it looked exactly the same as every other house for three blocks. Inside was nicer with living room and kitchen downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. The walls were pained warm colours and there were pictures of me as a baby and me as a teen along with pictures of mum and my stepdad Barry. The only pictures of my dad were in my room.

Barry was sort of okay when I first met him but after he married my mum he started in on all this man-of-the-house crap. There wasn’t a second that he wasn’t on my case about something and mum always took his side. And apparently nothing was about to change today.