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A Diamond in my Pocket by Lorena Angell
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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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A Diamond in my Pocket by Lorena Angell
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Sixteen-year-old Calli Courtnae is shocked when she breaks the 100-meter world record at her track meet and is whisked off to Montana to train for Olympic tryouts. In this strange setting she finds something totally unexpected: her fellow athletes are mysterious, paranoid, and endowed with the same gift of super-speed. The truth, Calli learns, is she has been brought to Montana to join an elite group of superhuman Runners who train for secret missions so complex they're boggling. Just as she tries to figure it all out, she discovers the next assignment includes delivering a valuable diamond sought after by evil forces . . . and she's the one to carry the diamond.

A mysterious woman secretly gives Calli the real diamond, while the team leader is given a decoy. Almost immediately the magic diamond unleashes within her a startling range of supernatural powers and mind-reading abilities. Using her new-found powers, Calli exposes traitors among her team, has visions of her companions’ tragic futures, and learns she alone holds the power to change the outcome. While Calli knows her powers derive from the secret diamond in her pocket, her companions do not, and Calli dreads the fast-approaching day when they will discover the truth.

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