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The Black Hand Gang By David Edwards
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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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The Black Hand Gang By David Edwards
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Bravery strengthens the will to live, a will for Good against the Evil hidden in our world. There are many known obstacles put in the way of our heroes but many more are still to be discovered. However, defeating an evil enemy takes more than bravery and hope.

It is time for Jack George to step forward.

Number 1 bestselling author, David Edwards has created an adventure story teen readers that combines action and pace with technology and social networking in an epic adventure.

The plot is based around Facebook.

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The light was intense from 1000 computer screens. A white light interspersed with patches of colour. The light blue of Facebook and the pink of a child’s face, usually smiling in the profile photos that were aligned in a horseshoe shape around the silent black hulk.

There were 10 screens mounted vertically and 100 horizontally, creating a modern glass screen suspended from cables of reinforced steel that reached into the darkness above.

But some of the screens had dark grey backgrounds with a black hand turning anti-clockwise at their centre. 30 degrees at a time and twelve times each minute to make a complete revolution. At the midnight position, the hand implied stop! Danger! A signal, warning you away from the blackness beyond, where you would be lost in the bowels of the internet. The hands resembled a reversing set of clocks with three fingers and a thumb etched in the blackest of black. On each hand, the little finger was missing, creating a terrifying claw that reached out from the depths of the screen. The glass wall had hundreds of hands that relentlessly revolved until it was their time to disappear, as a screen saver was de-activated to admit another electronic victim for an online chat with the faceless MM.

Madame Musseine, or MM as she was known to the children playing the game on her world domination website. It was an electronic game with no consequences, a bit of a laugh with a couple of letters to identify your foe. Word of mouth had made it a popular game to play via the sponsored online app within Facebook. The automatic translation between English and Chinese, Spanish and French and every popular language in the world made your distant new mates appear stupid as their sensible comments were mistranslated for you but that made it even more fun. It was a fabtastic game because it could be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in real time across the globe. You against the world; a prime motivator in its appeal.