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Chronicles of the Artifacts By Devynn Heath
Young writers

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Chronicles of the Artifacts By Devynn Heath
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This story starts out on a very uneventful day, in a strange house, on a normal street. And in that house a semi-ordinary boy and his semi-ordinary sister, plus their parents, live quite comfortably. These semi-ordinary twins and their parents actually enjoy the things most teenagers abhor. Yes, it’s terrible, they love to read. They love to read all kinds of different books, from big books, little books, to average sized books, boring books (although they don’t prefer them) and exciting books. They read fiction, science fiction, history books, nonfiction, adventure, fantasy, and countless other genres from those large and small sized books. Their house is full of books, every nook and cranny holds some sort of exciting adventure, ready to be opened by an eager soul. In fact, their house is so full of books that it’s almost like a library, but not quite a library, more like… a bookstore.

The Pollon’s owned a beautiful bookstore. Like I said, they owned every book imaginable and happily sold them at Books & More Books bookstore (Very original name, isn’t it?). One might ask: why would I want to read a book about a family who own a book store? Because, I answer, the story I have to tell makes a whole book of its own. It is full of secrets, agents, secret agents, and mysterious items with unexplained abilities. Sound exciting?