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The Great Unfortunate By Leah Johnson
Young writers

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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The Great Unfortunate By Leah Johnson
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Chapter 1:

ope twisted her long curly brown hair while she stared across the lunch room at what her parents and some doctor claimed was her twin sister. Reagan Blakeley sat atop a round table flipping her perfect curly blonde hair as her gang of Labrador retrievers drooled over her presence. Hope narrowed her gaze as Reagan threw head back, flashing her perfect whitened teeth, and laughing at something that probably wasn’t even funny to begin with.

“Can you believe her?” Hope turned towards her lifelong best friend since the second grade Mason.

“Laughing, eating lunch, breathing, you’re right she’s out of control!” Mason teased. Hope threw her plastic spork at him.

“No, I’m serious, she’s a total monster!” Hope raged.

“Look, Hope, we’ve all been in the same class since the second grade. I am fully aware of what Reagan is capable of.”

“Then, why does it seem like we’re the only ones who get it?”

“Everyone talks bad about her behind her back, yet they would kill for five seconds of her attention. I think it’s supposed to be part of the whole high school thing… don’t ask me to explain it.”

Reagan excused herself from the table and headed towards the bathroom with Nala and Paeson quickly scurrying behind her. Reagan rounded the corner just as some little freshman girl threw her lunch away, ending up all over Reagan’s front side. She stood there for a second her arms flapping like a chicken, before she let out a huge wail-


“I’m so sorry! It was an accident! I never meant to-“

“Accident! You call this an accident! When I’m through with you, the only accident you’ll ever make is showing your face at this school!” And with that, Reagan stamped out of the lunch room, the sound of her three inch heels echoing throughout the otherwise dead quiet lunch room.