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Bermuda Triangle Effect By M. J. Cardinal
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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Bermuda Triangle Effect - M. J. Cardinal
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Ebook Synopsis

The story takes place on an island south of the Aegean Sea, where a sequence of realities were not to be recorded. Vienna, who was drawn in by thieves prior to a shipwreck, shares the knowledge with Anya, who once lived in a village on the island. It's a kind of knowledge the other orphans of the Polyhedron can't, or won't understand. And in waiting for the exact time to exit, Noah beats Vienna to it, making hers more convenient and delayed; it also forces her to work with her captor, Wilson. Meanwhile, Anya seeks, through a secretive mission to Serbia, to find Vienna's roots north of the Aegean Sea.

For Wilson, being honest means making people disappointed. Lying, on the other hand, is only a temporary concealment of fury. First by hearing someone shoot at the villager from behind him. Then by nearly driving ff a cliff in a golf cart. Then being ignored...again. And finally returning home after at least a decade since the day he ran away in frustration with his parents. Somewhere, there must be sanity.

Baila had been drawn into a situation she isn't ready to understood, but willing to commit to its effects so long as they aren't harmful, as is her brother, Raheel. Her sister, Risa is silent about the mysteries of the Polyhedron she feared before her consistent escapes on world voyages. To add to the confusion and chaotic anger of the orphans, a family moves into the village overnight; they come from north of the Aegean Sea. Larissa, whom Baila befriends after Vienna leaves, explains why they came, or rather, returned.


streaming dome of stars. My brothers and sisters ran up to the railing, gathering around me to fill up as much space as possible, inhaling the cool night sky. I was one of three siblings who were adopted.

Almost all passengers on the ship were taller than me. Annoyed with the fact that they had a better view of the ocean, I struggled onto my toes and begged my father to pick me up onto his shoulders. When he did, I was literally at the top of the world. Fireworks gleamed in our eyes, spreading their reflective glow to far edges of the unseen world. We owned the sky as the envious waves crashed against the strong ship, spraying our skin with sea salt.

Boom! Boom! Boom! How extraordinary it was!

As passengers, we were all from different parts of the world, sharing five floors with six-hundred rooms aboard the Grande Santa Maria Cruiser. I could barely reach the rails to peak over the side of the ship, even when struggling on my toes. Still, we all were sprayed by the crashing waves as we ran across the deck, barefooted. We were naïve then, not sure of the night talks the adults had, how the older kids swam in the first floor pool playing glow tag, and how we, my new friends, my siblings, and I played kickball while watching faraway fireworks from the middle of the ocean. They rippled like pouring rain above the palm trees of islands I don’t recall. They glittered in a path, crackling that flickered light across the dim horizon. We breathed under the stars, pointing out various constellations such as Aquarius, the water-bearer, and Volans, the flying fish.

My heart pounded a rhythm parallel to that of the fireworks, raining like drummers in a parade. My earliest memories were with people I hardly knew and those I had seen the day I had been brought to a new family. I don’t remember my birth parents, and I am not sure if I want to. The radiant combination of voices and music, the clinking of glasses, and the pelting of small feet across the drenched deck led to something beyond my future. The surprises to come were less promising than I imagined at the time.