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Hit-man's Holiday. By B.J. McCall
Adventure story

Genre/Category: Teens and YA Fiction
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Hit-man's Holiday. By B.J. McCall
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Ebook Synopsis

This action/ adventure story follows the main character, John Fenton who becomes the victim of mistaken identity after arriving on a picturesque Caribbean island for a dream holiday with his young family.

Despite his vigorous protests, he is coerced into performing the duties of a hired assassin by a group of corrupt police officials. John manages to make good his escape, driven by the agony of indecision whether he should perform his expected role by shooting the Island’s President and the painful separation from his loved ones. There follows a game of cat and mouse as John, on the run in a foreign country, attempts to out-run, and indeed, out-wit his determined police pursuers, his ultimate goal: to reach his family and escape from the island.

Eventually, John’s determination and clever tactics pay off and he locates his family. They all finally egress from their island nightmare using stealth and cunning, however they soon find their problems are far from over as they face other perils on their journey towards freedom.

All of the Fenton family are severely tested during this action/ adventure: John’s patience, ingenuity and guile; Grace’s nerves and optimism; Jenni’s plucky and daring nature and Brad’s intolerance and somewhat cowardly nature. Relationships between various family members are explored, their personalities emerging in the turmoil of their stressful environment, however the family unit remains steadfast despite the troubles they are continually exposed to.

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