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Gone To The Dogs.
By B.J. McCall

Genre/Category: Teens and YA Fiction
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Gone To The Dogs. By B.J. McCall
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Ebook Synopsis

The principal characters, Dean and Sybil Slater, close-knit mother and son team embark on a series of ingenious, humorous and somewhat daring missions to solve a variety of irritating anti-social problems which plague their town of Buckthorn.

Sybil is the clever mastermind and spends time dreaming up subtle, but effective methods to solve and eradicate problems such as dog fowling on pavements, loud music from neighbours and loitering, trouble-making youths. She is driven by the lethargic attitudes of the local police and the council in dismissing such problems as trivial and not worthy of serious attention.

Dean, an avid James Bond fan, is keen to help his mother and views the excitement of such clandestine operations like typical secret agent missions his hero might embark upon.

Dean is somewhat of a loner and suffers some self-esteem problems given his slight chubby appearance and clumsy nature, however is likeable and this manifests itself during the story when he is befriended by his pretty classmate, Hayley. This relationship is resisted by Dean initially owing to embarrassment, however the ice soon thaws and the friendship soon grows into mutual fondness.

Can they clean up the town and avoid falling foul of the law?

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