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Sons and Brothers in Seattle - Wilson James
Robert's Ride - Wilson James
Playing The Son - Wilson James
Bramwell Valley by John Harold McCoy
Playing the Baseball Card - Wilson James
Raisinheart by Tom Lichtenberg
The Bulldog Compact - Donald James Parker
More than Dust in the Wind - Donald James Parker
All the Voices of the Wind - Donald James Parker
My Fair Assassin. By C.J. Anaya
All the Fury of the Wind by Donald James Parker
Spearwood Academy By A.S. Oren
Army of Heroes - Jerry J. C. Veit
The Door to the Secret City ( Freddie Brenner Series) - Kathy J. Forti
All the Stillness of the Wind - Donald James Parker
The Library Tree - Scott Douglas
Wraithsong. By E. J. Squires
The Roman and the Runaway by A. J. Braithwaite
Beyond the Shadows of Summer by Jonathan Zemsky
Snapdragon Alley by Tom Lichtenberg
In the Middle of Nowhere. By Julie Ann Knudsen
The Liberation of Apartment 6-B by S.C. MacDorman
TC, Key Lime Man by S.C. MacDorman
Jesus Slept Here by S.C. MacDorman
Into The Darkness by Lorraine Maddocks
Arcadia Snips and the Steamwork Consortium by Robert C. Rodgers
Little Brother - Cory Doctorow
For The Win by Cory Doctorow

A taster from The Library Tree by Scott Douglas: 'Ralph was a fine ninja, and I surely would’ve never been able to win a fight against him. But he was still a man, and thus had a weakness. Now you may be thinking, “Of course he had a weakness - he had only one leg and two feet!” If you’re thinking this, then you’re wrong. You should see the kicks Ralph can deliver with that one leg and two feet - powerful enough to knock a tree down. No - his weakness wasn’t his leg - it was Skittles. He was addicted to the stuff. All one-legged, two footed ninjas ...