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Into Her Own by Amanda Winters
A Matter of Time by Amanda Winters
Retribution by Amanda Winters
Prophesy of Atlantis by Amanda Winters
Synergy by Lisa Arnopp
Momentum by Lisa Arnopp
Chain Reaction by Lisa Arnopp
The Wager by Lisa Arnopp
Red State, Blue State by Lisa Arnopp
Camp Bigfoot by Lisa Arnopp
Assam & Darjeeling by T.M. Camp
Corvus by L. Lee Lowe
Wicktrimmers by Rachel Bubb
The Demon Girl an Urban Fantasy by Penelope Fletcher
Witch Grannies by Gary J Byrnes
The History of Oeuf, Book 1 by P. S. E.
The History of Oeuf, Book 2 by P. S. E.
The History of Oeuf, Book 3 by P. S. E.
Herman and the Hawk by Douglas M. Del Zotto
Dessery's Diary by Christian Zajdek
What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan
Colville: The Beginning by Farid-ul-Haq
Colville 2: The Swamp by Farid-ul-Haq
The Last Pixie by Lisa Arnopp
Insight by Jamie Magee
Princess Nkonta by Azita Crerar
Do You Believe In Magic? by Francie Spletstoser
Al's Adventure
The Wrong Channel by Michael Martineck

From 'Summons from a Stranger' by Debra Diaz: 'The red Mustang convertible swayed on the road, buffeted by a sudden gust of wind. Above it, a dark, perfectly round cloud hovered like a giant mother ship, surrounded by blue sky and trailing wisps of smaller clouds. The top was down on the convertible, to the obvious delight of a fawn-colored poodle that raced back and forth across the back seat, barking hysterically every time she caught sight of a cow, or some equally foreign creature. The countryside facing the two-lane highway ...