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The Forest of Evergreen: Lost in the Wilderness. By Teresa May B. Bandiola
The Healer. By C.J. Anaya
The Amity Kids and the Temple of Abaddon. By J.E. Gadd
A Dance of Dragons: Free Series Starter Bundle - Kaitlyn Davis
My Fair Assassin. By C.J. Anaya
Love, Knuckles, and Melody Genesis. By CB Smith
Krazy Dreamz. By CB Smith
To Step into the Darkness. By Annin Brothers
Ignite (Midnight Fire #1) By Kaitlyn Davis
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blank cover

From 'Summons from a Stranger' by Debra Diaz: 'The red Mustang convertible swayed on the road, buffeted by a sudden gust of wind. Above it, a dark, perfectly round cloud hovered like a giant mother ship, surrounded by blue sky and trailing wisps of smaller clouds. The top was down on the convertible, to the obvious delight of a fawn-colored poodle that raced back and forth across the back seat, barking hysterically every time she caught sight of a cow, or some equally foreign creature. The countryside facing the two-lane highway ...