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Imagination: The Night Before by Russell Truran

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Imagination: The Night Before by Russell Truran

This book is without description and contains only dialogue. It is therefore up to your imagination make the decision as to where the characters are placed and what is actually going on between the lines.

The story is about a sister and brother who are living together, but their relationship is under strain to say the least. Then a past secret, one they have never discussed, begins to further cloud the way they feel about each other. Then, they make a troubling discovery that disturbs and baffles them. If only they could remember what happened The Night Before...

Time to use your IMAGINATION! obooko.


“I’m just dead.” “You look it as well.” “Charming!”

“Well that’ll teach you to stop these all night binging sessions.”

“You can jolly well get down off your high horse with me Mark. You were knocking ‘em back last night, an’ all.”

“I only had a couple.” “So did I.”

“Who are you trying to kid Harriet?”

“Oh less of this big brother protective stuff.

It’s sickening. We both know it’s a sham.” “Can I get you some breakfast?”

“Nah. I’ll just have a glass of water.” “Coming right up. Sure I can’t tempt you to

some lovely sizzling bacon and eggs.” “Don’t please. I haven’t got time anyway.

I’ve got to get to work.”

“I somehow don’t think they’ll be wanting you this morning.”

“Oi you. I’ve never let my hangovers get in the way of my work.”

“That’s not what I meant.” “Well what did…?”

“It’s Saturday Harriet.”

“Yes… Yes I knew that. I’m not stupid.” “That’s a relief to know.”

“You’re in one of them teasing moods, this morning, I can tell.”

“Would I tease my little sister?” “Yes you flipping would.”

“Now. Now. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

“Oh I don’t know why I ever moved in with you.”

“’Cause you had nowhere else to go.

Because Gary threw you out.”

“He did not throw me out. We came to a mutual decision that it was best if we spent some time apart.”

“He dumped you.”

“He did not dump me. Now if you’ve got nothing intelligent to say then I’m going back to bed.”

“Please yourself.” “I will.”

“Is he waiting for you? “You what?”

“Your chap.” “Which chap?”

“Why is there more than one?”

“Don’t get sarky. I haven’t got a chap.” “What about Gary?”

“You know we’re having some time apart.

Now what did you mean. Is he waiting for me?”

“The chap you brought home last night. I didn’t catch his name.”

“I didn’t wake up with anyone. And I don’t particularly remember a chap. To be honest there’s not a lot I do remember about last night.”

“Oh right.”

“What do you mean by that?” “By what?”

“Oh right.”

“I was just saying ‘Oh right.’”

“Yes but there was something in the way you said it.”

“There wasn’t.”

“Don’t mess me about Mark.”

“Oh alright. Look I perfectly understand you don’t want to talk about it.”

“Talk about what?”

“This chap, whoever he was, knocking you back.”

“He did not knock me back.”

“I thought you said you can’t remember.” “I can’t. But I know he wouldn’t have

knocked me back.” “Cocky or what?” “Oh shut up!”

“I’d be grateful if you didn’t slam my doors!”