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Fearless by Stellen Qxz

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Fearless by Stellen Qxz
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Bullies, thugs, and killers, all the scum that regular people fear and try to avoid. But Derrick Olin has never been confused with a regular person, and there isn’t much that he fears. So when he’s asked to help out a group of people who’ve recently found themselves on the receiving end of a series of bad tidings, Derrick doesn’t hesitate. The usual course of events follows. The violence escalates, Derrick retaliates, and soon there are a lot of very unhappy people everywhere. The only difference this time is that Derrick is no longer the lone wolf that he’s used to being. Now there’s someone in his life, someone who really cares about him, and someone that he really cares about. For the first time in his life this usually coldblooded operator is having serious doubts about his chosen path, and these doubts could jeopardize his current mission. So now, in addition to dealing with the armed killers who’ve targeted his latest clients, Derrick also has to decide whether or not he should continue with the life he’s been leading. It’s the end of the series, but is this the end of the Derrick Olin that we’ve all come to know and love? Will the fear consume him, or will Birmingham’s best bodyguard emerge… Fearless!

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