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Revenge by Geoff Wolak

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Revenge by Geoff Wolak

K2 Series - Book 3.

Download: Book 1,  Book 2,  Book 4,  Book 5,  Book 6

Tipping Point is nearing, the CIA manouvering ready for their doomsday scenario. Are K2 and Beesely ready to take them on? K2 has survived an attack, now they will fight with money and slight of hand, before it's too late.


Johno handed the busty young blonde, Alison Star, a pair of ear defenders, both now stood in the dungeon firing range. ‘Put these on.’

‘You’re not wearing any!’ the Internet glamour model protested. She stood in jeans and a tight, almost see- through top, her hands on her hips.

‘I’m used to it, love.’

‘I grew up on a farm. I can shoot, as my teddy will prove!’

Johno cocked a teasing eyebrow. ‘You shot your teddy?’

‘Hit it with a twelve gauge, blew it to bits.’

Johno offered her an amused, quizzical look. ‘Why, in particular, did you shoot the teddy?’

‘We were shooting a video on the bed, I was all wet, it was there. So I threw it out the window after.’

Johno stared. ‘Lucky teddy.’

‘Hey!’ She slapped his arm, a wry smile breaking across her face.

Johno lifted the MP5. ‘This is what I used in the SAS. It’s an MP5, 9mm close-quarter weapon. Effective range, fifty yards.’

Alison grabbed it and turned it over, picking up a magazine and clicking it in. ‘So this SAS thing, that’s like our Delta Force, right?’ She cocked the weapon and checked the safety setting, selecting automatic as Johno keenly observed, his mouth opening. As she stepped up to the firing station Johno eased in behind her.

She held the weapon into her shoulder and lined up the sights. ‘Johno, you don’t need to hold my ass ... or my boobs, for me to shoot straight.’

‘Just trying to be helpful.’ He stepped back. ‘Got to get the right ... stance, you know.’

Alison smiled without him noticing then fired three four-round bursts, tearing a big hole in the middle of the target.

‘Oh yeah,’ Johno slowly let out. ‘Porn babe with an MP5! If the boys in the Regiment could see me now.’

She made safe the weapon, resting its stock on her hip. ‘I’ve been shooting since I was four. What else you got?’

‘Fifty calibre or rocket launcher?’ he asked with a grin. ‘Rocket launcher. Never fired one.’

‘I should hope not, young lady.’ He wagged an accusing finger. ‘Bring the MP5, it’s a dodgy neighbourhood.’ She slung it over a shoulder.

Driving down the west side of the camp Alison noticed a tractor working parallel to them. She was ‘trying out’ a Range Rover, getting used to the European right hand drive and ‘stick-shift’, unaware that the Range Rovers were British imports and in Switzerland they drove on the right.

‘Oh, look!’ she screamed. ‘I love tractors!’

She swerved off the tarmac road, bumping across the recently mown grass and right up to the worried tractor driver, Johno’s head bouncing off the roof. Guards watched curiously from the West Gate, many with binoculars. Tooting the horn several times convinced the tractor driver to stop. She jumped out, slowly followed by Johno rubbing his head.

‘Alison Star?’ the old tractor driver asked, heavily accented.She put her hands on her hips. ‘And how would you know that?’ she playfully demanded.

‘Yeah,’ Johno sternly repeated, the old man shrugging. ‘How would you know that?’.

‘I want to have a go on your tractor!’ she told the old driver.

Stunned, the driver said, ‘You want to ride my tractor? It is such an honour. And you with a machine gun as well.’ He stepped down, admiring her form, glared at by Johno.

Alison jumped up and re-started the shiny red tractor, Johno clambering up beside her. There was room for two on the seat, just, so he put an arm around her. Jerkily, the tractor pulled away, Alison delighted. She steered it across the grass, going around in circles.

‘You got oil on your top,’ Johno shouted above the tractor’s engine noise.


‘Your top. Oil!’ He massaged the offending area, adding oil, which had been absent before.

She put her chin on her chest. ‘Oh, hell. You got a t- shirt?’

‘Yeah, other end of the camp.’ He pointed back towards the castle.

‘Here, take the wheel.’

He held the tractor’s steering wheel as they headed across the grass and towards the road. She took the top off and inspected it, then glanced around, a hand across her boobs. ‘Will anyone mind?’

‘No,’ he lied. ‘Switzerland, they invented naturism.

You can go almost anywhere here naked, it’s the law.’ ‘Really? Europeans are so … cool.’

‘See that lake. All along the edge is nude bathing and swimming,’ he lied. They turned onto the road, Johno hiding his grin.